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Narcos intro song

7 Sep We tracked down the answers to all your questions about "Tuyo" the song that plays over the "Narcos" opening credits -- including how to. 28 Aug “Tuyo,” or “Yours” in English, is the theme song for the Netflix series Narcos. The theme song is the second track on the official soundtrack of instrumentals arranged by Pedro Bromfman. You can listen to the Narcos soundtrack on Spotify . Lyrically, this song follows an interesting parallel descriptive narrative. Soy el fuego que arde tu piel. Soy el agua que mata tu sed. El castillo, la torre yo soy. La espada que guarda el caudal. Tu el aire que respiro yo. Y la luz de la luna en el mar. La garganta que ansio mojar. Que temo ahogar de amor. Y cuales deseos me vas a dar? Dices tu, "Mis tesoro basta con mirarlo tuyo será, tuyo será.

23 Dec “Rodrigo Amarante – Tuyo” is basically a Theme song of Narcos that was released in The Theme Song is “Tuyo” by Rodrigo Amarante. NARCOS season 4 has been confirmed by Netflix after much uncertainty following the death of location scout Carlos Muñoz Portal. Play. Download Narcos Theme. 31 Aug If you've been bingeing new Netflix Original drama Narcos all weekend, chances are you've been grooving along to the series' captivating theme music. Whether or not you speak fluent Spanish, the story behind the enthralling opener goes a little deeper than your average introductory credits. “Tuyo,” or. multi-instrumentalist, and occasional arranger. He is part of the bands Los Hermanos, Orquestra Imperial, and Little Joy, and released his first solo record, Cavalo, in Brazil in late and worldwide in May He also wrote and performed the bolero "Tuyo", the theme song for the Netflix Original Series Narcos ().

Tuyo Doumea Remix Narcos Theme Song mp3. Rodrigo Amarante - Tuyo ( Doumëa Remix) · Play | Download · Rodrigo Amarante - Tuyo (Narcos Theme Song) · Play | Download · LALLA - Narcos (Remix) · Play | Download · Lalla - Narcos (Remix) · Play | Download · Rodrigo Amarante - Tuyo (KarlK Rework). 26 Jan A Mariachi trumpet player blows “blow” and a cloud of powder poofs out of a guitar in the teaser for Narcos season 4. The teaser, which confirmed the drug trade drama's move to Mexico from Colombia, features a group of mariachis and a new version of Rodrigo Amarante's theme song “Tuyo.” While past. I am the fire that burns your skin, Soy el fuego que arde tu piel. I am the water that kills your thirst. soy el agua que mata tu sed. Of the castle, I am the tower, El castillo, la torre yo soy the sword that guards the treasure. la espada que guarda el caudal. You, the air that I breathe, tu el aire que respiro yo and the light of the.


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