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Atomic force microscopy book

Aug 27, This book enlightens readers on the basic surface properties and distance- dependent intersurface forces one must understand to obtain even simple data from an atomic force microscope (AFM). The material becomes progressively more complex throughout the book, explaining details of calibration. This book is an excellent resource for anyone that has had or will have their hands on an AFM. Many other resources give basic theory and principles of AFM, but this book goes much further towards educating analysts about the caveats of operating the instrument as well as of data analysis. The author gives very detailed. "This book can be called a practical introduction to atomic force microscopy (AFM ). It is outstanding among those written on this subject. I have worked with AFM starting from the year of its invention, and have seen books written quite formally. This book is written by true experts with a deep knowledge of the AFM technique" .

May 20, Atomic Force Microscopy. Peter Eaton and Paul West. A very practical guide to Atomic Force Microscopy; Authors have unique insight into the field; Combination in one book of theory, practice and application of AFM; Very up-to-date with latest techniques such as multifrequency AFM, high speed AFM. This book explains the operating principles of atomic force microscopy and scanning tunneling microscopy. The aim of this book is to enable the reader to operate a scanning probe microscope successfully and understand the data obtained with the microscope. The chapters on the scanning probe. The online version of Atomic Force Microscopy in Process Engineering by W. Richard Bowen and Nidal Hilal on , the world's leading platform for high quality peer-reviewed full-text books.

May 20, Igor Sokolov, Tufts University, in MRS Bulletin, April, this is an excellent book which I highly recommend to beginners as well as experts. The beginners will find a great introduction to and detailed practical guide for various AFM techniques. The expert could fill possible gaps in knowledge and gain. Features. Focuses uniquely on basic biology; Illustrates most recent developments and applications of AFM in biology; Covers specimen preparation techniques, principles and development of instrumentation, and real biological studies from basic to advanced levels; Includes contributions from those who have actually. This is the first book to cover the history, structure, and application of atomic force microscopy in cell biology. Presented in the clear, well-illustrated style of the Methods in Cell Biology series, it introduces the AFM to its readers and enables them to tap the power and scope of this technology to further their own research.


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