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sms and I couldn't get the pop up to show up on my lockscreen on either of them, plus the customization wasn't exactly what I wanted, so I stuck with handcent because everything (for the most part) has worked fine. My issue is I can't receive mms to save my life and all the pictures I send out are really low. When registering a new account, you see this message The account already exists, please log in. MMS picture resizing works (says image too large)? · T- Mobile / AT&T / Verizon missing messages (RCS) - I am seeing message in stock app but not in Handcent Next SMS · Missing some text? Popup show when locked?. 17 Feb Solve a problem where text messages are stuck downloading on your Android device. My wife recently encountered a problem with her Nexus 5X Android where text messages were stuck. Some of them said things like: You can rollback the app to factory in settings application manager. It will roll back.

25 Dec Today I received my first MMS message ever since owning my Droid. I use Handcent and it gives me the option It is stuck on "downloading". I went to the stock messaging app and it you should have no problem with MMS. (Did you check your sd card > handcent/download to see if the file is in there?). 9 Feb Hello I've a problem recieving MMS sometimes, sometimes it works, other the message sits there saying 'downloading'. MMS stuck on 'downloading' . Just bare in mind if you recive the message on wifi first it may not come through this is because the message is splt txt and data the data part comes via. 9 Jun Sometimes, when I get a MMS (pictures mail) message it will try to download, but then remains stuck in the "Downloading" stage. I've tried doing a soft Temp fix , might be to download Handcent to download the image and then delete the text. Then uninstall Handcent and go back to regular messaging.

16 Mar Fix SMS converting to MMS in Galaxy and other Android Phones (Guide),This is how to fix SMS converting to MMS error in Android in Samsung Galaxy and other Android smartphones. You can either Meet Handcent, a messaging app for Android that is very famous around the world. It gives an explicit. When this happens to me, I disable the data on the device and re-enable it and the message usually goes through. You can also just try switching to airplane mode and then turn off airplane mode. If you have root access and are thinking of uninstalling the stock SMS app (which would be the logical thing to do), bear in mind that GoSMS notifications don't work hand in hand with the app's UI. Meaning, if you see a notification in the status bar and press on it, it will lead you to the main app interface but you may or may.


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