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1 Jan On which screen? what did you click when it crashed? I dont think there is any way to train any troops except doing ground battles. Have you submitted this on the official goldhawks forum in the bug report section? I'm not sure reporting bugs here does anything as Matthew to my knowledge doesnt frequent. 6 Jan A whole bunch of bugfixes from the 's see what they say. This hotfix addresses a number of issues with the V20 Stable build that we put out over the holidays, and should hopefully clear up the worst of the issues. Please note: We are ONLY pushing this to the Experimental Branch on. After checking every single room multiple times with my men, I am now confident that there are no enemies remaining in the alien Medium Caesan base, yet the.

Official Website: Let's Play of previous versions of the game : Xenonauts v19 Stable Hotfix: 5whOcLejFkoWSaSDZpwwmi Xenonauts &list=SPT7VfDOHLKehK-aPxhg0IN9zaq9iy&index=1 Xenonauts I hope everyone had a great Christmas! V20 Stable was released on Steam on Christmas Eve, and it is a new version of the game that contains all the changes from the past three months of Experimental builds. There's still a couple of relatively rare or minor bugs in the game we will patch out in the next week or two , but it. 1 Sep We have recently released V19 Stable of the game and have finished the process of porting the updates over to Mac and Linux uploading the game to Steam / Desura / Humble Store. These are all If all goes to plan, anything after V20 will simply be bugfixing and final balancing on the existing systems.


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