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We created this approach to authoring apps because we're web developers at ❤, and wanted to remove the complexity of writing an app in multiple languages ( like Objective C and Java) for all of the relevant mobile platforms. With PhoneGap you build beautiful cross-platform apps using HTML, CSS and Javascript. Easily create apps using the web technologies you know and love: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The PhoneGap Desktop application provides a drag and drop interface for creating PhoneGap applications. It's an alternative to using the PhoneGap CLI built for those who prefer a visual user interface over a command line interface approach. NOTE: The getting started steps vary based on the initial PhoneGap tool you.

PhoneGap Desktop starts a small web server to host your project and returns a server address you can then enter into the PhoneGap Developer app running on your mobile device or in your desktop browser. The project is served automatically upon project creation, but you can also manually start any project that's inactive. The PhoneGap Desktop App is the easiest way to get started with PhoneGap. It's an alternative to the PhoneGap CLI yet uses the same libraries behind the scenes with no complicated installation. You don't need git, npm, or even Node. js, you simply install it to your desktop, create a project and run it on your device. The PhoneGap CLI provides a command line interface for creating PhoneGap apps as an alternative to using the PhoneGap Desktop application. The PhoneGap CLI was the main tool used for creating PhoneGap apps prior to PhoneGap Desktop and contains additional features over the PhoneGap Desktop for building.

Create an App. Create a new application project at the provided path. You can optionally specify a name and package ID via the options parameters listed below, or configure it in the file after project creation. Applications created with PhoneGap can be distributed to various vendor app stores (ex: Apple App Store) and installed on a end-user's device like any other native application. Each vendor provides a different toolchain, and each PhoneGap release is compatible with a specific set of tools. This is where PhoneGap Build. Phonegap Desktop App Build Status bitHound Score. Quick Start - Developer Mode. Run npm install from the root of this project to set up the project dependencies; cd into the www folder and run npm install for the app dependencies; cd.. back to the root and run npm run reload to start up the live reload.


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